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Deepest Joy, The World Awaits Your Binding Love

A Sonnet to Jesse and Liz

As twilight wends its way to gentle night,

And Love seeks roots as deep as trees to ground,

As stars burst forth like flowers bloomed in light,

So Liz and Jesse—two soulful mates—grow bound.

Deepest Joy, the World awaits your binding Love,

To grace the day in Trust and Wisdom’s act,

At work or play, together or apart, above

The din and haste of busy days intact.

We greet you now, as two Whole Natures join

To go the height and depth and breadth of Heart’s

Committed dreams, and Beauty’s sunlit morn

Wakens Laughter’s sole delight ever to impart.

Jesse and Liz, you now begin your lives together

As husband and wife, friends and lovers, Pals Forever.

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