we were running around the track

& talking about coincidence

& i sd, velcro

& u sd, velcro?

& i sd, velcro

coincidences come in clusters

& attach to u like


oh, yeah u sd

no, really i sd

it’s like yr a magnetic field

& the coincidences buzz around

until they feel the pull

of yr velcro

then they slip  in

u raised yr eyebrows


should i continue? i asked

as we made the turn

on our 4th lap

i continued

how do you explain

3 old friends

u haven’t seen in years

showing up at yr doorstep

all at the same time


u get 3 job offers

out of the blue

& you haven’t even

been looking for one


here’s the best one of all

u have a dream about the London fire

that’s going to happen in 3 weeks

only u read about it in the newspapers

after it happens

& if only you could have warned—

oh ok u said

i get it

i really get it

u said

oh, i said


to apologize

& u sd

the interpretation

is it coincidence relative

to how much objectivity u give it

or this velcro —

maybe it’s more yr need to control

the force around u

to enhance yr self-esteem

for example

gee, i don’t know

i sd

as we made the turn

on our 8th lap

maybe it’s like the yolk inside

the egg, i sd

we’re the objects of coincidence

dreaming us as attachments

to velcro

& u sd

not like water bottles or parades

more like the form of things

staked on the price

of velcro

it’s possible

i guess

but then again

maybe not

whatever you meant

or didn’t mean

i never found out

as i counted

our 12th & final lap

i forgot about velcro

& all persons in charge

of accepting coincidence

on credit

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