Stone of Blue Light

A building

on an island

you can climb

at sunrise

before you go to work

or at sunset

before you go to sleep

rises like no other


you can climb


where the walls are gossamer

and the roof is gold

10′ above

the roof

where you can decide

to go

back down

or wait

Do you think anyone knows

more than you

about this building?

The island is hard to get to.

There are no boats,

not even a canoe

to take you there

but what I forgot to tell you

is this:

the building collapsed

years before

you dreamed

last night

inside the stone of blue


What you said

about the light

I will try to remember

not the blue stone

or the mountain

or the roof of gold

or the 4 ladders

but the light

when you close your eyes

chases you back

into the universe

where I found your starry

night sleeping

beside me.

I smelled coffee

coming from the kitchen

and reached over to my husband

and you were there


like my husband

and I was dreaming

you in his place

sleeping just like


Did I have time to be afraid?

You threw the blankets

over me

and I entered

your blue tunnel

and I heard

your voice across water

and I could not reach you

no matter how hard I tried

inside the tunnel

of blue stone walls

like icons waiting

in time

to crumble

like buildings

and mountains

There is a sense in the mind

that waits


its own dimension

to crumble

when it knows


its own dimension

and knows

nothing else

except the limited contours

of its precious


and the proper time,

in time

Your husband drinks

his coffee now.

In the morning

the blue light


from windows of stone

whenever I dream you

or the appearance

of you

in time


like a building

on an island

rising like a mountain


Originally published in Longitudes At Daybreak by Sandra Squire Fluck. Available on Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.

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